Striped Bass Snell Assortment

Part#: 092QH

Package Quantity: 18

The pre-snelled hooks in the Striped Bass Assortment are a user-friendly option for Striped Bass anglers to attach a snelled hook to their main line quickly. The connecting point is an expert-tied perfection loop to 7" of monofilament line running down to a snelled inline octopus hook. This assortment comes with inline octopus circle hooks with and without bait slits on the shank. Each snelled hook in this assortment is a legal inline circle hook complying with inline circle hook regulations.


Key Features

  • American Made Fish Hooks - engineered, tested, and manufactured in our production facility in Denver, Colorado.
  • Inline Circle Hooks are compliant with current regulations in various regions, ensuring sustainable fishing practices and protecting the future of the sport.

Product Specs

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