Craftsmanship in our heart. Innovation in our blood.

The Eagle Claw Mission

Since 1925, our mission has remained steadfast: provide anglers with the highest quality fishing tackle possible for wherever the fish are biting. We accomplish that through a commitment to American manufacturing, a dogged desire to serve anglers of all levels, and a reverence for the outdoors. We are proud to empower anglers to connect with nature and to enjoy the thrill of fishing.

American-Made Fish Hooks - Eagle Claw

Born to Fish

A fish hook is more than a formed piece of wire with a point on one end and an eyelet on the other. It represents the connecting point between you and your angling dreams, whether sitting on lawn chairs catching trout with friends and family or competing at the highest level in the sport. Since 1925, in Denver, Colorado, the men and women of Eagle Claw have been privileged to ensure that connection.

From the initial founding of the company, where an eagle's talon inspired one of our founders, Drew McGill, to alter his fish hook, the idea that what we make isn't just a fish hook has permeated our company.

Today, every Eagle Claw hook combines generations of American Hook makers' wisdom with cutting-edge technology. These hooks aren't just about connecting anglers to fish; they're about connecting people to nature, tradition, and each other. They're about the thrill of the catch, the peace of the water, and the stories that unfold between.

Our Brands

Eagle Claw continues to grow and serve new markets with quality, innovative products via six notable brands: Wright & Mcgill, Eagle Claw, Lazer Sharp, Shappell, Trokar and Jet Sled. Each brand serves a segment of anglers with tailored feature sets for different needs–meaning no matter where you are in your angler journey, there is an Eagle Claw product ready to serve.

The Company We Keep

At the heart of our Pro Staff are passionate anglers, each striving to be their best on the water. We support a variety of anglers spanning many different target species in both fresh and saltwater. While many things separate each member of our Pro-Staff, they have one thing in common: an unwavering commitment to using American Made Fish Hooks.

FLW Angler of The Year 2015

Scott Martin

Elite Series Pro

Member of The Bass Fishing Hall of Fame

Shaw Grigsby

Bass Fishing Legend

Member of The Bass Fishing Hall of Fame

Mark Zona

Bass Fishing Legend

2023 Bass Pro Tour Angler of The Year

Matt Becker

MLF Bass Pro Tour

2022 Bassmaster Classic Champion

Jason Christie

Elite Series Pro

Jared Lintner

MFL Bass Pro Tour

Fletcher Shyrock

MLF Bass Pro Tour

2012 Bassmaster Angler of The Year

Brent Chapman

MLF Bass Pro Tour

JT Kenney

Major League Fishing

Luke Dunkin

Bass Fishing Media Guru

Brock Mosley

Elite Series Pro

Wesley Strader

MLF Bass Pro Tour

Matt Massey

National Professional Fishing League Pro

Tim Horton

Bass Fishing Legend

Nathan Zelinsky

Multi-Species Pro

Kyle Cortiana

Glenn Walker

Bass Fishing Communicator

Chris Noffsinger

Bass Fishing Guide/Communicator

Pete Maina

Musky Pro/Educator/Communicator

Josh Bragg


Tyler Rivet

Elite Series Pro

Fishing 411

Fishing Educators

Don Dingman

Host of Hook The Future

Captain Rick Murphy

Host of Sportsman’s Adventures

George Gozdz

Host of Unfathomed