Long Shank Snell

Part#: 9100H-6

Package Quantity: 3

Lazer Sharp hand-tied snells are a premium, user-friendly option for anglers to attach a snelled hook to their main line quickly. The connecting point is an expert-tied perfection loop that attaches 13.5" of monofilament line to a long shank Lazer Sharp Needlepoint Hook. For added attention, there is a red bead attached to the leader line.


Key Features

  • American Made Fish Hooks - engineered, tested, and manufactured in our production facility in Denver, Colorado.
  • Ultra-sharp needle point hooks give anglers maximum penetration on hooksets.
  • On offset hooks, the point isn't directly inline with the shank creating the offset. Many anglers prefer offset hooks for their high bite-to-hook-up ratio.

Product Specs

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